<strong>MEGAN SMITH-HARRIS</strong>
Executive Director / Festival Director
Megan is passionate about all forms of story-telling. Her career encompasses documentary, television, film, theatre, and radio both in Canada and the U.S. An experienced filmmaker, Megan has produced and directed critically-acclaimed documentaries that have aired nationally and internationally. As Festival Director of the Ridgefield Independent Film Festival, she garnered rave reviews from audiences and filmmakers alike. RIFF consistently ranked in FilmFreeway’s Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals. Megan, a screenwriter and playwright, was also the editor of Wilton Magazine (2014-2020) and has had her work published an array of regional magazines. Currently, she is a producer on the feature film, A Stage of Twilight, directed by up-and-coming writer/director, Sarah T. Schwab.
<strong>ELLEN LEWIS</strong>
Senior Programmer
Ellen was the senior programmer for the Ridgefield Independent Film Festival for three consecutive years and now assumes that role for FFF. She has a deep appreciation for the arts and is an ardent film lover, reader, theatregoer, and museum habitué. Ellen possesses an innate understanding of story and conflict, and her unique background as a competitive ice-skater gives her a keen appreciation for how much hard work goes into making art look effortless. A world traveler, Ellen’s global perspective combined with her incisive and thoughtful critiques make her an ideal film programmer.
Senior Programmer
Brian Russell grew up loving super-hero comic books, TV, and movies. Star Trek, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Planet of the Apes were his favorites as a kid. He still loves all that cool sci-fi stuff, but now spends about half his screen time with Classic Films, and loves to write about movies on Letterboxd and He is a director of photography, director, and producer with credits ranging from corporate and non-profit videos, to an ESPN 30 for 30, and interviews with celebrities like Arianna Huffington, Ed Burns, and the entire cast of Saturday Night Live
<strong>MIKE BOLAND</strong>
Mike is an actor and a writer who loves movies. He has performed on Broadway and in many of the great theatres and cities in the country and around the world. Mike is also no stranger to television and has an extensive list of credits. He has written, produced, directed and starred in short form and feature length films. In earlier life Mike was an award-winning journalist and he has also served as President of the Board of Directors of the renowned Theatre Artists Workshop and is also on the Board of the Greenwich Theatre Company. His favorite movie is Rocky and he will watch it any time it comes on the screen unexpectedly. Mike has lived most of his life in Fairfield, CT.
<strong><strong>DANNY GRAZIANO</strong></strong>
Danny Graziano is a cinephile who runs a blog, The Movie Files, where he shares reviews and opinions on all things film. He is a volunteer for the Remarkable Theater, a drive-in in Westport, and worked as an Assistant Programmer for the Ridgefield Independent Film Festival for two years. Danny, a Fairfield resident and high school junior, has taken film studies classes at NYU Tisch and Brown University.
<strong>MARK HAMILTON</strong>
Mark is a professional stage actor who also works in television and film. Most recently, he appeared in the award winning one man show, A Pitch from Satchel Paige as Satchel Paige, and as Dr. Gibbs in the Valley Shakespeare production of Our Town. He has appeared in projects with the Yale Repertory Theatre and Elm Shakespeare Company, as well as numerous New York and Regional theatre productions. Mark is a graduate of Fairfield University and earned his MFA from Ohio University.
<strong><strong>MARY AWAD</strong></strong>
Director of Digital Operations
Mary works in the world of digital marketing, journalism, and content creation. She has written for Wilton Magazine, Fordham University NewsRoom, the Oyster Bay Enterprise-Pilot Newspaper, and Z Publishing House’s Emerging Writers of Connecticut anthology. As a freelance digital creator, she has designed websites, assist in marketing campaigns, and created videos for organizations such as the Ridgefield Independent Film Festival, The Pilates Advantage, The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, and the Percussive Arts Society. She is a part of the Westport Community Band and Norwalk Gamer Symphony Orchestra and a 2016 graduate of Sacred Heart University.
<strong>CLAIRE FENNESSEY</strong>
Web Development & Design
Claire’s career has spanned across 20 years of corporate digital marketing, communications and customer experience. She provides freelance services in web development, social media and digital marketing strategy and design.
<strong><strong><strong>BRIDGET PAVALOW</strong></strong></strong>
Social Media Coordinator
Bridget Pavalow is a character designer for animation and a social media content creator. She is a fan of animation, movies, and television. Bridget oversaw social media engagement for the Ridgefield Independent Festival and is excited to be part of the team at FFF. She has her BA in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is a member of the Women in Animation New York Chapter.
<strong>DYLAN LEWIS</strong>
Senior Program Assistant
Dylan graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2020 with a BA in Communications and a minor in Journalism. After interning twice for the Ridgefield Independent Film Festival as a screener and program assistant, Dylan followed the key team members to FFF. Dylan enjoys a wide variety of film genres, especially cerebral dramas and thrillers. Outside of film, he loves finding and sharing up-and-coming musicians, competitive gaming and cheering for the New York Knicks. Dylan hopes to pursue a career in his passions by working in the music or film industries.
<strong>JACKSON CUISICK</strong>
Program Assistant
Jackson majors in film and television production at Boston University with a goal of working in the entertainment industry as a producer. Currently he is in post-production for a short independent film and also the co-producer of a popular television show for BUTV.  Passionate about storytelling and the collaborative process of filmmaking, he has been involved in multiple short films shot in and around the Fairfield area. Jackson is excited to join the FFF team and looks forward to showcasing great films and his hometown of Fairfield.
<strong>RILEY</strong> <strong>EVANKO</strong>
Program Assistant
Riley Evanko graduated from Fairfield Ludlow High School in 2019 and is currently pursuing a BFA at Quinnipiac University, majoring in Film Television and Media Arts. At school, he belongs to   The Film Society and The Screenwriters Guild, and also hosts a weekly podcast with friends. With a passion for all aspects of film and filmmaking, Riley hopes to make movies himself one day. He enjoys all genres with a proclivity for darker dramas and foreign films. Other hobbies include collecting media such as DVDs VHS, photography, vinyl, and books.
<strong>DOMENICK GALLUZZO</strong>
Program Assistant
Domenick Galluzzo graduated Fairfield Ludlowe High School in 2019 and is a rising junior at the University of Dayton. Working towards a major in communications and a minor in marketing, Domenick hopes to earn a degree in public relations while also exploring the film industry. He enjoys many genres of film including thrillers and science fiction. Besides enjoying films and studying, Domenick enjoys playing tennis, skiing, and spending time with family and friends. He also enjoys taking his two dogs, Daisy and Levon on walks through Brett woods. Domenick looks forward to working with FFF and hopes to return to Fairfield in the fall to be a part of the festival.
<strong>CASSIDY MACIEL</strong>
Program Assistant
Cassidy  holds a BS in Communication focusing on Film and Television Production from Southern Connecticut State University, in addition to having minored in theatre. She worked through SCSU’s Communication Department as the executive director for SCUFF (Southern Connecticut University Film Festival) for the 2018 and 2019 seasons, from which she grew a fondness for documentary filmmaking and independent films. Having grown up on stage and around the arts, she looks forward to furthering her study of ballet, piano, and acting. Cassidy’s goal is to work in the television industry as an actor or director.